Frequently Asked Questions


What is your rate?
Private rooms are $35, $45 or $90 a night. A bed in a shared room or in the tree house is $25.


To reserve please call (352) 336-3613

We accept PayPal or cash. Using PayPal, you are also able to pay with VISA and MasterCard.



Do you offer rides from Greyhound or the airport?
Yes, we offer pickup service from the Gainesville Regional Airport and from the Greyhound Bus Station. We ask that you give us a gift for this service of half of what a taxi charge would be. The cost of a taxi from the airport is $20. The charge for a taxi from the Greyhound station is $10. So we will be glad to pick you up at the airport for $10 and the Greyhound station for $5. Please let us know, when you make the reservation, that you will need a pickup and then call us once you arrive.


What about Amtrak?
Persons coming to Gainesville via Amtrak will be let off just three blocks from the Zen Hostel, so you probably will not need a ride. Call us and we will tell you how to get here.


Long-Distance Rides?
If you are passing through and looking to hook up with somebody who might be going your way, let us know. We will put up a notice of where and when you want to go and whether you need or have wheels.



We cannot accommodate pets, but there is doggie daycare / dog boarding only 2 blocks from the Zen Hostel which we highly recommend: You can also have your dog bathed, trimmed, and groomed.


What is the Zen Center?
If you are also interested in the Zen aspect, a few more words: Zen doesn’t concern itself much with words, so we won’t say much. We are a Zen Center for those who are not seeking a teacher or a Zen master. We offer facilities where the individual seeker can come, sit, talk, read, and be comfortable.


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